Ray Hudson

It is with deep sadness that we have to report that RAY HUDSON passed away peacefully Monday night (April 2nd). Ray and Gwen were founding members of Lanzville Probus although due to ill health they had not renewed their membership for this year.
At their request there will be no remembrance service

Lost Item

A cherished bookmark of sentimental value has been lost. It is a small
engraved silver one which may have been inadvertently left inside a Probus
paperback. If anyone finds it, please email the Webmaster at

Thank you.

Spring Luncheon 2018 Update

We have limited tickets left for the Spring Luncheon scheduled for Tuesday, April 24th at the Fairwinds Golf Club. The doors open at 11:30 am and lunch will be served at 12:30 pm.   Cost for members is $27.00 and guests $32.00 per person.

Contact Barry Chapman to purchase these tickets and make arrangements to pick them up.    Phone: 250-758-6976  or   Email: rbchapman@telus.net

General Meeting – 22 March – Pancake Breakfast

At our meeting this Thursday, 22 March, we will celebrate National Probus Month with our annual Pancake Breakfast. The menu includes sausages, pancakes, scrambled egg with strawberries and blueberries.  We will start the breakfast service at 9:00 am.

Our usual tables will be out for the book exchange and sign up sheets for our regular monthly events. When we have completed our breakfast we’ll have a short meeting and then we’ll enjoy a Canadian trivia quiz activity with each table being a team.

Please remember to bring your coffee mugs as usual.

President’s Message – March 2018

March has many redeeming factors. Winter is in the rear view window. Spring has returned and brought along the song, nesting and Snow birds, the much loved spring bulbs and Daylight Saving Time. Having just returned from the southern hemisphere with its cooling days, changing and falling leaves, it is particularly welcoming.

Whether you have been a stalwart Westcoaster or an escapee to warmer, drier climes, I hope your winter has been a good one. Perhaps it was one to catch up on some reading, pursue a new hobby or just get on with life in this pleasant corner of our country. Perhaps it was one that afforded you an opportunity to renew a friendship, make a new one, get to a task that’s been on the back burner or broaden your horizons. However it was spent, I hope it was engaging and fulfilling.

This month’s meeting is not a regular meeting but our annual Pancake Breakfast. It is a free activity that our club puts on for us all. All members are invited to join in Thursday morning, March 22 at  9:00 a.m. NOT the usual 9:30 a.m. Following the breakfast, we will be up for the fun that has been organized for us. Thanks to Barry Chapman and his team of helpers for putting on this much loved activity. It’s our club’s way to celebrate National Probus Month.

Please consider helping to plan our upcoming August BBQ. The club needs it’s members enthusiasm, assistance and ideas.

Joan Honig

Dining Out – March

The March Dining Out will be on Friday March 23 @ 6:00pm,
and will be held at:

Simon Holt Restaurant
6582 Applecross Rd

Please contact Ellie Langer (email: eleanor_langer@telus.net, phone: 250-751-0670) if you plan to attend.


Janet McGregor will be sending out 🌞 cards to members until Dianne Tucker’s return home 🏠 on the first of April.

If you hear of someone who would like a little cheering up because of illness or loss, please share this info with Janet, either by email at hikerliker@shaw.ca or by phone on (250) 758-6384.

Spring Luncheon

Our Spring Luncheon will be held on April 24 at Fairwinds Golf Club. The doors will be open at 11:30am with lunch, similar to last year’s menu, served at 12:30pm.

Tickets will be on sale at the February and March general meetings. The cost is $27.00 for members and $32.00 for guests.

Please remember to bring cheque books or cash to the meeting on Thursday if you wish to buy tickets.

Walking Group – Cancelled

Would all walkers please note that the walk this week, 21st February, has been cancelled as the conditions at Little Qualicum Falls would make walking quite
hazardous, and I can’t think of where we might go that would be much better.

Thus, lets take a rest for this week.

Phil Wilson,