New Coffee Arrangements for Meetings

We are tweaking the process flow for coffee/goodies to ensure the helpers can watch the presentations from the beginning:

  1. All 3 urns (2 coffee, 1 hot water for tea) and the trays of goodies will be available in the hall by 9:15.
  2. Please bring an insulated mug and get coffee from the medium urn at the back of the hall, or tea from the small one at the front, as you arrive. A label will indicate when they are ready.
  3. At the break around 9:50, the large urn at the front (which takes longer to heat) can also be used for coffee and refills; and please help yourselves to the remaining goodies.
  4. At 10:00 “last coffee” will be called and the urns taken away to be cleaned.
  5. Helpers can then be out of the kitchen and seated by 10:15, when the presenter begins.
  6. Goodies will remain in situ until the end of meeting, then cleared away.

Notice of Call for Nominations 2018

As your Past-President it is my duty to chair the Nominating Committee for 2018 and to issue a call to the general membership for nominations to the Management Committee. The other members of the Nominating Committee are Lia Van Wassenaar and Margaret Pierce.

In accordance with the Club Policies and Procedures the positions of Vice-President, and Treasurer are open for nomination effective immediately (Joan Moody has agreed to stay on as Secretary for the 2018/2019 year).

Nominations must be made on the Nominations Form which you will find by clicking HERE; you will need to print a copy, and submit it to the Nominating Committee before August 20th, 2018.  It must include the nominee’s signature confirming their willingness to serve in the capacity for which they are nominated. Those elected will take office effective September 27, 2018, following the General Meeting on that date.

Please note that nominations will NOT be accepted from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.

Barry Chapman
Past-President, Chair – Nominating Committee

President’s Message June 2018

Did you know? Probus is a civil parish and village in Cornwall, England. It has a population of 1,827. It is famous for having the tallest church tower in Cornwall. The tower is 129 feet high, and richly decorated with carvings. I’m wondering if any member has ever been to Probus?

June is blooming all around us. Golfers, hikers, bikers, walkers and gardeners are active around this beautiful part of the island. Many of our members will be joining me on the upcoming Up Island Out & About Day Trip, June 25. We have two seats left. If anyone would like to join us, please email me at

Many of our walkers and other interested members will be hiking on Newcastle Island on Wednesday, June 27. A golf Nine & Dine has been arranged for June 23. Our Probus Club affords us so many wonderful opportunities to keep active and involved.

I look forward to seeing you at our monthly meeting on Thursday, June 28. Tickets for the annual August BBQ will be on sale @ $12 for members and $17 for non-members.

Joan Honig
President, Lantzville Probus

MAiD Presentation

In conjunction with the MAiD presentation at our meeting this morning, there is a resource sheet with various phone contacts and websites. It contains information for those who wish to know more, and may be viewed by clicking HERE.

REMINDER – General Meeting

Thursday May 24th

Our May General Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 24th at 9:30am.

Representatives of the Victoria Chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada will give a presentation entitled “Assisted Dying 101: The Basics”, covering many aspects of the subject and related areas. Please feel free to bring any interested guests to this meeting as our presenters are traveling up from Victoria especially.

Also, final details of the Out and About trip up-island on June 25th will be available. See the itinerary HERE. As this will be the last meeting before the trip, payment will be due IN FULL at the meeting. Please therefore remember to bring your cheque books (preferably) or cash @ $62.50 approx. per person.

As usual, please remember to bring your own coffee cups to the meeting.

Urgent – Dining Out

Unfortunately, the Dining Out on May 25 has had to be cancelled due to a lack of response.  We will try again in June.

Suzanne Brothers

May President’s Message

It’s here. Warmth. What a relief to have a respite from the weather topic. I hope you are enjoying the outdoor activity this affords us. Would this be an appropriate time to complain about yard work?

I want to thank Lola Denesyk for organizing the Spring Luncheon that many of us recently attended. It was a great afternoon and the food was outstanding. We are thankful for members like Lola who are willing to give of their time to plan and make such activities a reality for us.

Carol Halliwell has volunteered to organize our annual August BBQ which will be held at Costin Hall on Sunday, August 19, 2018. Thank you very much Carol for taking on this task. I am sure the membership will make themselves available to assist you by volunteering to run the various games that we always enjoy.

Lia VanWassenaar our coffee coordinator (250- 751-1801) is looking for help in the kitchen for our monthly meetings. Helpers are needed to arrive at 08:30 assist with the preparation of coffee, tea and refreshments. Members are reminded to bring their own coffee mug.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Out and About Day Trip to the Campbell River, Salmon Point and Seal Bay area Monday, June 25, 2018. This is an opportunity to meet and interact with fellow Probus members on a relaxed and fun day trip. Please email or call me to ensure your spot on this outing.( , or
250-758-9930 ). A notice will be sent out prior to the upcoming monthly meeting confirming the final cost. Payment in full is due at the meeting Thursday, May 24, 2018.

We invite you to bring along a friend to hear this month’s speaker from the Victoria Association of M.A.I.D. (Medical Assistance in Dying). It’s a timely topic, one many of us want to educate ourselves about, and we think your friends may feel this way as well so please bring them along.

I look forward to seeing members at the upcoming monthly meeting on Thursday, May 24 at 09:30 a.m. at Costin Hall.

Joan Honig

Out and About Day Trip – Monday, June 25, 2018

Details of the Up Island Out and About Day Trip are as follows:

Itinerary: Click HERE to view the itinerary.

Cost: Approx. $ 62.50 per member. This price is based upon 48 participants. If we get less, the price will have to go up somewhat. As I am still in negotiation with the restaurant, this is still an approximate cost. I have estimated high so likely the cost will not go any higher. This price includes everything: the bus (tax and driver tip included), the $5.00 entrance fee for the Museum, the buffet lunch (tax and tip included) and the $5.00 tasting fee for the winery. There will be no charge for the distillery tasting tour.

Sign Up: Please email or call the organizer Joan Honig to register your place on this trip. I will confirm each email or phone call with you. Once you pay for your spot you are committed and No Refund will be given. You will need to find someone to take your place if you are unable to go and have to cancel.

Payment is due IN FULL at the May 24, 2018 Probus Club Meeting or by paying Joan beforehand. Please make payment by cheque (payable to The Probus Club of Lantzville) or by cash. I will send out a final notice BEFORE the meeting indicating the final trip cost.

All locations are wheelchair accessible, but the transportation is not wheelchair accessible. Members using a wheelchair will not be charged the bus portion of the trip.

As with every endeavour and initiative, this is my first attempt to organize a trip of this kind and complexity. I may be over zealous in what I think we can do. Participants are welcome to sit out any activity or gear it to their own wishes. At all stops there will be places to do just that, sit whether it is on the bus or outdoors or indoors and relax.

I look forward to a good response and a great day Out and About on our beautiful island.

Joan Honig