New Coffee Arrangements for Meetings

We are tweaking the process flow for coffee/goodies to ensure the helpers can watch the presentations from the beginning:

  1. All 3 urns (2 coffee, 1 hot water for tea) and the trays of goodies will be available in the hall by 9:15.
  2. Please bring an insulated mug and get coffee from the medium urn at the back of the hall, or tea from the small one at the front, as you arrive. A label will indicate when they are ready.
  3. At the break around 9:50, the large urn at the front (which takes longer to heat) can also be used for coffee and refills; and please help yourselves to the remaining goodies.
  4. At 10:00 “last coffee” will be called and the urns taken away to be cleaned.
  5. Helpers can then be out of the kitchen and seated by 10:15, when the presenter begins.
  6. Goodies will remain in situ until the end of meeting, then cleared away.