General Meeting – July 26th – Speaker

On June 19th, 2013, High River Alberta, experienced catastrophic flooding – the worst in Alberta’s history (5 people died) and one of Canada’s largest natural disasters.  Rob Royston was appointed Deputy CAO in charge of municipal recovery.  He played a key role in transitioning the community from near-total devastation, to being well on the way to recovery.

Rob’s talk will illustrate the practical aspects – the economic impacts, rebuilding broken neighbourhoods, and the toll on the residents staff and volunteers e.g. PTSD, when an entire community is afflicted by such devastation.  He will share insights gained when working with external groups, agencies, various levels of government, people who have been evacuated and want to return to their homes, managing lost pets, telling people their home and job are gone forever etc.  Other topics include how to build and allocate temporary housing and a Business Community, and what happens when you lose your core services such as Libraries, Pools, Schools, Stores etc.

Rob will be pleased to respond to questions at the end of the discussion.

Annabel Rogers
Vice President