Out and About Trip – Update

We have 26 folks who have indicated to me that they would like to attend the June 25 Day Trip and 24 of these will be bus passengers. I am expecting that there will be others who intend to join us. We can also open it up to guests and other Probus Clubs if needs be. I am hoping that we will be able to fill the 48 passenger bus. We do have the option of taking a 29 passenger bus with no bathroom for $10.00 per person more.

The prices I’ve been quoted have now been finalized at $66.40 per person based on 48 bus passengers. The buffet came in at $26.40 not the $22.00 that I’d expected. I had understood that the $22.00 per person included tax and gratuity and it didn’t.

The final non refundable cost is $66.40 per person. If you need to cancel it will be your responsibility to find someone to take your place and pay you for your ticket. This payment is due by cash or cheque (payable to The Probus Club of Lantzville) at the meeting this Thursday, May 24, 2018 or to me directly now.

Please note: In the event that we cannot fill the 48 passenger bus we would have to revisit the cost as it would go up by $10.00 per person if we have to rent the 29 passenger bus or by some other figure if we are short a few seats on the 48 passenger bus.

Joan Honig